How to Style A Bed

How to Style A Bed Like A Professional

Ever wondered how professionals style a bed in their projects to make them look more luxurious? As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details”. For even the smallest arrangement of your pillow can elevate the look of your bed. Just like the rest of your home, your bed should also receive the same amount of love and attention it can get.

This blog is here to guide you on how you too can style your bed with these few tips:

White sheets

Tip #1: Use White Sheets

First step is to use white sheets. Why? Because hotels mainly exclusively use white sheets. It is the epitome of quiet luxury. Imagine being able to have and use clean white sheets without a stain or crease.

Just one simple color and you can already transform your bed to hotel quality.

Tip #2: Iron Your Sheets

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! If you have a couple of minutes to spare, ironing or steaming your sheets does wonders to make your bed, especially if your sheets are prone to creasing.

Most irons nowadays come with a steamer function so there’s no need to buy an additional steamer just for this.

Lightly steam the covers with the iron and your bed will look so bougie in no time.

Tip #3: Use Feather Fillings for Your Cushions

While a bit more expensive than typical synthetic pillows, the softness you get from feather-filled pillows are irreplaceable. Additionally, your pillows will appear more full and fluffy.

Typically, we style the pillows so that the fuller/denser pillow is at the bottom, while the fluffy/lighter pillow is at the top.

Pro Tip: Use a pillow protector with a zipper. The pillow protector is different from your pillow case, wherein the pillow protector is made to just cover your pillow fillings, while the pillow case will go over the pillow protector.

By using the pillow protector, it not only helps to keep all the feathers inside the pillow but also extends the life of the pillow. Plus it’s washable!

How To Style A Bed

Tip #4: Textures, textures, textures!

To finish it off, you can add smaller statement cushions at the front. Here is where you can introduce pops of color texture to add more character and layer to your bed. For our projects, our rule of thumb is to have the chunkier textures at the back, while the softer ones are placed at the front. You can play with different kinds of combinations as long as there is a balance between them.

Additionally, watch our Instagram Reel quick guide on styling cushions.

And there you have it! A few fool-proof ways you can instantly style a bed. To see how we styled the bed featured in this blog, watch our Instagram Reel below.